The care of flowers

    There are universal rules for the care of flowers that will help preserve their beauty and freshness:

  • Leave the bouquet in one place, the flowers do not like the temperature change.
  • Cut off the tips of the stems at an angle of 45 degrees - so they absorb more water.
  • Regularly change and refresh the water in the vase, spray the buds.
  • The ammonium solution and sugar will help make the bouquet live longer.
  • If the plant has inflorescences, regularly clean the dried ones to prevent them from falling into the vase.
  • It is better to cut off the long stamens or simply remove them with your hands.
  • Most flowers like to stand in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight.


    Tulips don’t fade longer if ice cubes are added to the water. A pair of potassium permanganate crystals or an aspirin tablet can help keep the water fresh. If the tulips start to wither, trim the stems again and dip into hot water until they straighten. With proper care, tulips stand up to 7 days.


    The thorns are remowed together with the lower leaves of the roses. Obliquely cut the stems and split its tips into two or three parts (2.5 cm cuts). Use only boiled or distilled water (it needs to be changed every day). You can add half a tablet of aspirin or special supplements. Spray the flowers every 3 days, and at night they can be placed in a bath with cold water. Roses - independent plants that do not like to be in the same vase with other flowers.


    Chrysanthemums are very unpretentious comparing to other flowers. They like to stand in warm water and in a place where direct sunlight does not fall. Change the water every day, and then the chrysanthemums will stand for several weeks!

    Care for an orchid in a pot

    There are two types of these flowers: heat-loving and cool-loving. If you do not know what type the plant belongs to, put it in a slightly shaded place without drafts. In February and March, orchids love frequent watering. In June-July, the flowers require fertilizer, water and heat. At the end of the summer and autumn they need less water and coolness.

    Care for cut orchids

    If you receive an orchid in a box, follow the instructions: remove the flower and remove the flasks with water, cut the stem slightly, put the flower in clean water. Change the water every 2-3 days. You can add vodka to the tank of water in relation 1: 1.


    Alstroemeria doesn’t like fluctuations in temperature and can’t stand the bright sun. Remove dried inflorescences in time and do not allow them to fall into a vase. Change the water every 2 days. You can add a little vinegar, liquid ammonia, vodka or a few crystals of citric acid to the water.


    Slightly prune the stems with the lower leaves, then place the flowers in cold water. You can add a special dressing, which will double the life of cut flowers. Change the water regularly! Do not place the bouquet in direct sunlight, near the battery or heater.