Payment and delivery

    Payment and delivery

    Online store One Rose guarantees fast delivery trough Ukraine – the goods will arrive within 2 hours after payment. Delivery to all regional centers is free of charge if the order amount is more than 300 UAH. In other cases, the cost of delivery is 70 UAH.

    Time of delivery

  • from 09:00 till 21:00 the delivery is free of charge;
  • 07:00-09:00 and 21:00-23:00 – it’s an additional payment of 50 UAH;
  • selection of a specific delivery time – an additional 50 UAH;
  • delivery at night – 300 UAH ;.
  • urgent delivery is agreed with the manager.

    Delivery is carried out on any day of the week and even on holidays!

    Delivery periods during the day are following: 9:00-12:00, 12:00-15:00, 15:00-18:00, 18:00-21:00.

    Requests for delivery are accepted until 17:00 when ordering the same day. In the morning (from 07:00 till 9:00) and until 17:00 the previous day.

    How is the delivery fulfilled?

    Before delivering the goods, the courier calls the recipient. During the call, it is not specified what kind of goods he or she carries. The recipient is only warned that there is a package for him. The call is required to clarify the convenient time and place of transfer of the order.

    If you know exactly where and when the recipient will be, you can use the delivery service WITHOUT prior call. In this case, the courier will arrive at a strictly specified place in a certain period of time, without contacting the recipient. However, if the courier does not find the recipient in the specified location, he is entitled to make a call and clarify his location. If the recipient is located elsewhere, the customer must pay for the re-delivery.

    ATTENTION: flowers, fruits and many sweets are perishable foods. In this regard, our online store has the right to make 15 – 20% of changes in the composition and appearance of the order. At the same time the cost of goods and the overall appearance are preserved.

    Payment order

    You can pay for your order from anywhere in the world in the way that is convenient for you:

  • Visa or Mastern Card;
  • LiqPay;
  • Portmone.

    ATTENTION: the currency of the card is not important, since it is converted into hryvnia at the rate of the payment system. If the card does not support online payment, contact the bank to activate this service.

    Payment on the card Privat Bank

    You can pay for the purchase:

  • at the cashier of one of PrivatBank branches;
  • through a terminal or ATM;
  • in the Privat24 application.

    You will receive the payment details after placing the order. To confirm the payment, send a check to our email or viber.

    A payment to the courier

    One Rose courier can accept payment in person from the customer at the agreed time. After payment, the courier leaves for a meeting with the recipient to transfer the goods. The cost of the service is 70 UAH. It is also possible to pay directly from the recipient if the order value is less than 1500 UAH.

    ATTENTION: a payment to the courier is possible only in regional centers.

    «Yandex money»

    The One Rose online store accepts transfers to our Yandex Money wallet (through the terminal or from the Customer’s wallet). The purse number for the transfer will be provided by the manager after placing the order.